The Technical Inspection aims to carry out detailed observation and analysis of a property, subsequently making a report of detected pathologies and suggesting correction of these pathologies by the appropriate and most economical methods. This type of work, which is extremely important before proceeding with a real estate investment, is still used most of the time by foreign clients who recognize the importance of this investment and want to make sure that the property in which they are investing is under the appropriate conditions.

The Energy Certification report has been mandatory by law since January 2009 for executing any sale deed or a lease agreement for a property. This report is also necessary for public advertising of the sale or lease of real estate.

The Acoustic Assessment reports are carried out by experienced technicians, using duly certified and calibrated machines and equipment for the necessary measurements, as the legislation requires. This way, the correct verification of the insulation and acoustic transmission values "in situ" can be guaranteed.


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